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7, Feb-2001.


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Interior Minister Dosta Dimovska denied Wednesday all of accusations on hers and on the account of some employees at the Ministry, presented by leader of the SDSM party at a press conference yesterday.

"We most vigorously deny all of the accusations as inaccurate, irresponsible and groundless. A party leader should not put himself above the legal system and act as a prosecutor, judge and executor. His manners are nothing else but intellectual, verbal terrorism, and part of the unscrupulous fight for power," Dimovska says in an announcement to media.

According to her, Crvenkovski's policy in the last two years is an attempt for disturbing of stability and interethnic relations in Macedonia. But his and all other similar attempts have failed, Dimovska says, adding that Crvenkovski is acting in cooperation with the former intelligence officials, who has been Milosevic's servants for the last ten years.

"Crvenkovski as a promoter of the verbal terrorism in Macedonia, violates the Constitution and Law, by presenting information on names of intelligence officials in public. Together with the former employees at the intelligence services, he is revealing official secrets, i.e. the country's security system, and conscientiously or not, is trying to obstruct its work, "Dimovska says.

She publicly asks Crvenkovski who is a recipient of his information.

"Is he aware that such irresponsible statements and acts are causing long-term damage, not only to the country, but also to him as politician and party leader," Dimovska says.

The Interior Ministry will continue to work on the wiretapping affair and in that respect will cooperate with all legal institutions in charge of this case. Resolving of the affair is in the interest of stability and security of Macedonia and its citizens, Dimovska says.

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