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14, Feb-2001.


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Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski said that it is in our best interest the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to be used in the diplomatic communication with Greece and added that the only alternative for this name is Republic of Macedonia.

He pointed out that Macedonia has made compromises long time ago and added that the only goal of the negotiations is to erase the shame that was brought upon Macedonia in the last decade. At this moment, he said, there is no acceptable solution for the problem, and the compromise with usage of two names originates from the time of Kiro Gligorov.

About the suggestion for changing the name of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC), Georgievski said that every unanimous decision of the MOC Synod would be accepted and welcomed.

He said that at this moment he did not see any reasons to ask resignation from the Minister of Internal Affairs Dosta Dimovska. "It becomes more and more obvious that the 'wiretapping' affair is nothing but a construction," he said.

About the statements given by officials from Kosovo, that Macedonia can negotiate only on the border with Yugoslavia but not on the border with the Province, Georgievski said that those are only local statements. "It is good that the Yugoslav party accepted to negotiate on the borderline, because they have been running away from the negotiations for 10 years. The negotiations are also supported by the international factor, so if any remark comes from them, or from United Nations Mission In Kosovo, we are ready to take it into consideration, but till now there were no remarks," the Prime Minister said.

About the information that the former Minister of internal affairs Pavle Trajanov was involved in the oil smuggling business during the embargo towards the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Georgievski said: "it is a fact that after the Kosovo crisis, Trajanov had complete monopoly over the oil trade. One can easily check in the 'OKTA' refinery that after the Kosovo crisis, meaning in the period when Trajanov was Minister, only one company had exclusive right to export oil to Kosovo," he said.

Prime Minister Georgievski said that in the next two months a tender for second mobile-telephony operator would be opened in Macedonia.

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