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12, Feb-2001.


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Faceless soldiers in Macedonia: The chairman of Greece's joint chiefs of staff, Gen. Manoussos Parayioudakis, shakes hands with the commander of the Republic of Macedonia army's 'Wolf' unit, in Skopje. Parayioudakis is on a two-day official visit. Photo: Ekathimerin



Ljubcho Georgievski, Macedonian Prime Minister, regarding the latest documents and accusations for direct involvement in the wiretapping affair of the Interior Minister Dosta Dimovska by the leader of SDSM, Branko Crvenkovski, stated "this is a continuation of SDSM tendency for destroying of everything in this country." "Having no sources they descend on the security system of the state," Prime Minister said.

He pointed out the fact "the papers where conversations are registered," really exist, "however until otherwise is proved, SDSM remains the main organiser of the wiretapping, that has its own structures in the state administration."

"We are very sorry that the state administration, if the sources come from there, participates in such organised chase," Georgievski stated.

Prime Minister said that the possibility for entrance in the system of telecommunications is not excluded. "We insist on solving of this case whereat as a government we are to use all juridical instances to reach the goal," he said.

Regarding the issue whether our government holds talks with the Republic of Greece for the change of the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia, Georgievski said "negotiations are held for six years and even the mediator is the same." He pointed out "thanks to the former government, in all possible international institutions the name of the Republic of Macedonia has already been changed into the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia." "I greet all efforts and ideas to come close to our constitutional name and to correct the shame that the previous government has left us, whole world to know us under the name FYROM, and I consider that they are welcomed. Every rational solution in that direction would be acceptable even to discuss it, if such solution exists," Prime Minister Georgievski stated.

Referring to the negotiations about the name of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC), Prime Minister said, "the government did not discuss about the church". "On the contrary it is a problem of the church. Every solution which would be unanimously accepted by the Holy Synod, I as the Prime Minister would recognise. I am upset when atheists that feel much more concerned for the destiny of the church than the bishops and the leaders of MOC," he stated.

Regarding the speculations that the ruling DPA is connected with the transfer of armament from Albania through Macedonia to Kosovo, Prime Minister stated "the amount of discovered armament this year is not bigger than those that was discovered last year. The operations of the police in co-operation with the Army are conducting constantly and that control functions," Prime Minster Ljubcho Georgievski stated.




A Greek military delegation, led by the Chief of Staff, General Manusos Parajudakis, arrived Monday for a two-day visit to Macedonia.

Today, General Parajudakis met with his Macedonian counterpart Lieutenant General Jovan Andrevski and Defense Minister Ljuben Paunovski.

The meetings were focused on reforms of the two Armies, education of Macedonian officers in Greece and cooperation between the Skopje and Athens military hospitals.




Paunovski and Parajudakis shared opinions on security in the region and on establishment of a European defense force. At the meeting, Paunovski reiterated Macedonia's commitment to join the Euro-Atlantic institutions.

The officials also expressed satisfaction with the significant progress of the Macedonian-Greek relations.

Parajudakis informed on near arrival of telecommunication devices to Macedonia, which would be built in the troop carriers "Leonidas" - Greek military aid to Macedonia.

Tomorrow, Parajudakis is scheduled to visit the Military Hospital in Skopje and to attend a maneuver of the special ARM unit.




Greek military delegation, led by Chief of the Greek Army General Staff Manusos Parayudakis paid Tuesday a visit to the "Ilinden" military barracks in Skopje.

At the briefing, Brigade General Dragan Andrevski reported on the characteristics of the state border of the Republic of Macedonia, organizational and formation structure of the First border brigade, training of the border brigades and their cooperation with the other subjects.

Commander of the special unit "Wolves", Under-colonel Stojce Zengovski explained the goals and tasks of his military unit.

"I am impressed by the information and presentation I have seen today, because the border brigade and the special units here are being trained in accordance to the NATO standards," Parayudakis said.

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