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21, Feb-2001.


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Mk MoD

R.Macedonia Security Council at its assembly-dated 21.02.2001 summarized that in general the security situation in the country is stabile, and institutions in the system are functioning in accordance with their obligations and within its power. Such assessment of the Council was result of the information presented from the respective Ministers and other authorities in the security organs of R.Macedonia and discussion that followed.

The Council concluded that there is a certain movement of uniformed armed members of extremists' groups in the border belt between R.Macedonia and FRY in Kosovo area, the location Tanushevci that can cause serious incidents. The Council was informed and it supported the coordinated activities from the suitable security organs to prevent the danger.

The Council estimated that greater cooperation with KFOR and UNMIK and establishment of regular border regime on the other side of the border, would greatly contribute to better control and complete security of the border for the sake of R.Macedonia stability and the whole region.

For prevention of armed conflicts and R.Macedonia territorial integrity protection, the Council of Security supported the undertaken political measures and activities of the President of R.Macedonia, Government and the respective ministries.

During the meeting, the Security Council of R.Macedonia pointed out that the security, sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the country are priority before the political interest. It is a reason for all political components and other factors in the country with their behavior to contribute to protect these basic interests of R.Macedonia.


Mk MoD

On 21.02.2001 President of R.Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski met KFOR (Kosovo) commandant, Lt.Gen. Carlo Cabidgiosu. The Minister of Defense Ljuben Paunoski and the Chief of GS of ARM LT.Gen. Jovan Andrevski were also present. It was discussed about improvement of mutual cooperation concerning the borderline control between R.Macedonia and FRY in Kosovo area in the light of the latest movements in Tanushevci area.

President Trajkovski pointed out that R. Macedonia from the onset of the Kosovo, FRY crises is a necessary partner of the International Community for the stability of the whole region. That fact gave us the right to expect the partnership will continue through active cooperation and engagement in control of the border line, based on the fact that both sides have big interest, but also responsibility for safe and stabile border. Implementing regular border regime from both sides of the borderline can only protect that interest.

At the same time President Trajkovski informed Commandant Kabidgiousu with the conclusions from the R.Macedonia Security Council meeting.

"We talked about activities connected with the armed groups activities along the FRY border, Kosovo area and Macedonia. KFOR is increasing the patrolling and border surveillance and we are going to intensify the contacts with Macedonian military authorities, with which we have good relationship. We agreed that we must combine the forces at the border to discourage possible extremists activities" said Gen. Kabridgiousu after the meeting with President Trajkovski.

Kabridgiousu pointed out that these days incidents differ those KFOR was facing in the past." These problems are connected with South Serbia. We have to undertake different activities then those in the past", said he.

According to him, KFOR has enough soldiers at the Macedonian-Yugoslav border (Kosovo area) although there should be additional assessment. "Hitherto we have enough forces to increase our presence in this part of the border" said he.

Gen.Kabridgiousu pointed out, that he has no information if people who caused the incidents at the Macedonian -Yugoslav border are from Kosovo. "There is connection between the extreme Albanian armed groups from South Serbia,Macedonia and Kosovo", said the commandant of the International forces in Kosovo, Karlo Kabridgiousu.

KFOR Commandant,Kabridgiousu, pointed out that KFOR shares the concern, but also the interest to keep the border line safe and stabile. In that sense, it was announced that KFOR forces would take over special activities of terrain patrolling forces with air surveillance.

During the meeting, other modules of cooperation for the sake of the region stability were discussed, but also other practical details about near delineation of the R.Macedonia-FRY (Kosovo) border.


Mk MoD

The MoD spokesman Gjorgi Trendafilov stated that neither more serious provocations nor any armed incidents at the northern R.Macedonian border were spotted.

"Reported claims about an incident when one ARM member lost his life is a pure speculation, which comes from certain centers that can not be defined at the moment", pointed Trendafilov.

He said that the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of G.S. of ARM, in reference to the latest events and within the conclusions of the Security Council meeting, control the north border in those critical areas already conveyed by the MoD and some other government institutions.

According to Trendafilov, sources of speculations are probably not directed to stability of R.Macedonia and are behaving counter directions that in these moments we need seriousness, not additional problems and expansion of certain level of citizens' disturbance." The situation is serious enough even without wrong information circling around", said MoD spokesman.

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