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30, May-2001.


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A house in the ethnically mixed Macedonian village of Matejce is hit by a shell from Macedonian forces during an attack May 30, 2001 as Macedonian forces continue their offensive against ethnic Albanian rebels. The guerrillas returned fire in the face of an army assault on their positions in Matejce, some 25 km (15 miles) northeast of Skopje. The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR estimates that up to 10,000 civilians could be trapped by fighting in villages in the hills north of the capital Skopje. REUTERS/Radu Sigheti


Smoke rises from a house in the ethnically mixed Matejce village after shelling from Macedonian forces May 30, 2001. The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR estimates that up to 10,000 civilians could be trapped by fighting in the hills north of the capital Skopje. (Radu Sigheti/Reuters)



Sydney, May 30 (MIA) - Political representative of the so-called National Liberation Army announced Tuesday evening for the Australian Radio that Albanian terrorists will start their operations in Northwestern Greece.

According to Ahmeti, around 1 million ethnic Albanians live in this part of Greece called "Chameria" and their national rights should be "accomplished and defended" by the representatives of the "already established and well trained CLA - Chameria's Liberation Army"(Ushtria Ēlirimtare e Ēamėrisė - UĒĒ).

"Albanians in all Albanian countries on the Balkans should have their rights and that is what we demand," stressed 'NLA' representative from Switzerland.

As MIA reports, he said that "only if 'NLA' demands are accepted, the war in Macedonia will end" and that the rights of the Albanians in Greece will be defended in the same manner as "the endangered rights of the Albanians in Macedonia."

Information on this topic was considered as speculation and Macedonian magazine "ZUM" published them last week, writing "'CLA' exists only on paper for now." All plans on the organizational structure, personnel, military team and equipment were developed at the beginning of 2001 in Switzerland, "ZUM" reads.

Quoting counterintelligence sources, the magazine reads that in the beginning, non-governmental organizations of the Albanians in Greece will be established, and the military operations for accomplishing the real goal of 'CLA' - annexing part of the Greek territory to "Great Albania" - would be undertaken later.

"The goal of 'Chameria's Liberation Army' is to fight against the Greek minority in Southern Albania, and especially undertaking terrorist acts against the Association of the Greeks in Albania "Omonia". But it is estimated that the activation of 'CLA' will depend mostly on the 'success' that the Albanian radicals achieve in Southern Serbia and Macedonia," reads "ZUM".

But this is not the only information, which announces the next "terrorist script". Greek journalist Dimos Varikios stated April 21, 2001 in one forum on the Greek Radio that the Greek border authorities seized truck with weapon that had "KLA" labels, which was entering Greece from Macedonia.

No one would have been surprised if the weapon was moving in the other direction, from Greece to Macedonia, but the fact that the weapon was smuggled in Greece indicates that it was meant to be used in Greece. Varikios is a journalist covering the activities in the Justice Ministry and who has close connections with the Greek Army.

Furthermore, there are messages on many internet sites, which announce and promote the establishing of 'CLA'. Most of the e-mails from the 'KLA members' analyze the ethnic rights of the Albanians in Greece, and usually end with the following message "Greece is next, we will get our land back."

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