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19, Jan-2001.


1, Jan-2001.
2, Jan-2001.
3, Jan-2001.
4, Jan-2001.
5, Jan-2001.
6, Jan-2001.
7, Jan-2001.
8, Jan-2001.
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11, Jan-2001.
12, Jan-2001.
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15, Jan-2001.
16, Jan-2001.
17, Jan-2001.
18, Jan-2001.
19, Jan-2001.
20, Jan-2001.
21, Jan-2001.
22, Jan-2001.
23, Jan-2001.
24, Jan-2001.
25, Jan-2001.
26, Jan-2001.
27, Jan-2001.
28, Jan-2001.
29, Jan-2001.
30, Jan-2001.
31, Jan-2001.


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Macedonia 'Watergate' challenge.


The government of Macedonia has challenged parliament to set up a commission including international experts, to investigate allegations that officials tapped the phones of political leaders.

Macedonian journalists have said that transcripts of their phone conversations with officials, including President Boris Trajkovski and the finance minister, Nikola Gruevski, appear to be genuine.

But the prime minister, Ljubco Georgievski, insisted the allegations of official phone-taps were lies fabricated by the opposition.

A government spokesman challenged opposition leaders to provide proof. Opposition members of parliament say they're boycotting further parliamentary sessions until a special debate on the scandal is held.

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