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18, Jan-2001.


1, Jan-2001.
2, Jan-2001.
3, Jan-2001.
4, Jan-2001.
5, Jan-2001.
6, Jan-2001.
7, Jan-2001.
8, Jan-2001.
9, Jan-2001.
10, Jan-2001.
11, Jan-2001.
12, Jan-2001.
13, Jan-2001.
14, Jan-2001.
15, Jan-2001.
16, Jan-2001.
17, Jan-2001.
18, Jan-2001.
19, Jan-2001.
20, Jan-2001.
21, Jan-2001.
22, Jan-2001.
23, Jan-2001.
24, Jan-2001.
25, Jan-2001.
26, Jan-2001.
27, Jan-2001.
28, Jan-2001.
29, Jan-2001.
30, Jan-2001.
31, Jan-2001.


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Ukraine and Macedonia sign trade agreement.


The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Viktor Yushchenko,who's on an official visit to Macedonia, has signed a bilateral free trade agreement with his counterpart, Ljubco Georgievski.

Mr Georgievski described the deal as a challenge for his country and expressed hope that it would help reduce the country's trade deficit with Ukraine.

Correspondents say it's the first agreement of its kind between a former Soviet republic and a country outside the Commonwealth of Independent States. The two countries signed cooperation agreements on agriculture and military technologies in October last year.

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