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15, Jan-2001.


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Tzarvenkovski negotiated with Tzvetko Tzvetkov the affair with eavesdrop in Macedonia.


On 15 January the former Macedonian premier and leader of the opposition Social Democratic Union of Macedonia [SDSM] Branko Tzarvenkovski visited Sofia. It turned out, that the most important conversations of Tzarvenkovski in Sofia were not these, which were typed by TV cameras, nor the official declarations. The most important conversation of Tzarvenkovski has been the conversation with Tzvetko, member of the Supreme Board of Bulgarian Socialist Party
[BSP=ex-communists], former general from [communist] State Security services, former main secretary of the Ministry of Interior in the [ex-communist] government of Videnov [1994-1997], and probable candidate for Interior minister in case, that the socialists participate in government after parliamentary election [in Bulgaria]this year.

According well informed sources the result of the consultations with Tzvetko Tzvetkov and Georgi Parvanov in Sofia give immediate results in Skopie. On 17 January 2001 the Macedonian medias announced, that Branko Tzarvenkovski has distributed in the editors offices the materials, in which consist the texts of eavesdropped conversations. According the press, on secret press-conference, some hours after his visit in Bulgaria, the former [MK] premier announced, that last year in Skopie has been eavesdropped the conversations of 102 politicians and public persons, among who were the present President Boris Trajkovski, the former - Kiro Gligorov, and series of ministers. Mr. Tzarvenkovski maintains, that the newspapers published only 1/10 of all the material for the eavesdroping charges, which he own. For the great sensation in the event, it was added and another one detail: in the affair around the eavesdrop have settled and Bulgarian security services. The Macedonian Ministry of Interior rejected off the accusations. But the scandal gone on. The aim: to be accused direct Ljubcho Georgievski [MK PM], and in-direct Ivan Kostov [BG PM].

The schema has based on one paradox synchronization: to activate anti-Bulgarian forces in Macedonia, which are against ruling VMRO-DPMNE, and anti-Macedonian in Bulgaria, which gravitate around nationalistic circles, on which BSP rely in coming elections [in BG]. The scandal was wide commented, as in Macedonian, such as in Bulgarian press. Some days late the scandal for eavesdropping of the politicians was re-newed and in Bulgaria.

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